How To Earn Money From IPL 2017 (Indian Premier League 2017) ??

Indian Premier League: New Ways To Earn Money

Indian Premier League or IPL T20 league has been the one of the most sought, waited and celebrated sports event in India.

Through out the year people of India waited for this sport marathon when their favorite players from all over the world, despite from which country they are, play together for one team.

IPL has not only brought players from different country together but also unite the people from all over the world ant that is the main reason why IPL has been watched by people from all around the world.

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Indian Premier League 2017 T20

This year IPL is celebrating its 10th anniversary and so far these 10 years IPL has been gaining  viewer ship enormously year by year but also providing lots of opportunity to the people to earn money at home.

Since the inception of IPL people are earning money and finding new way so that they earn earn more and more money by staying at home.

Who can be the winner of IPL 2017?
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How Money can be earn from IPL 2017?

There are many way to earn money from IPL but mayn common people don't have any idea about.

In this blog I will tell how about different ways through which you will be able to earn money from IPL.

1) Selling Merchandises:

As we know in every IPL 8 teams represent their respective states and people of that particular states get attached to their team emotionally and they  do everything to show their support to their team. From buying merchandises of their team to visit the stadium to watch the live match.

So you can setup your small shop to sell the IPL merchandises. Initially you don't need to invest more money to set up. You just need to find a wholesale market from where you can buy all the stuff. Once you find it than you can buy regularly from them.

After buying you can set up your small shop in your nearby market and you don't need much to advertise it. Just hang some t-shirts of the team and the guys will automatically come to purchase it.

Once the IPL will start the crowd will automatically come forward to buy from you.

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2) Providing useful information about IPL through Internet:

As we all know that internet has been become the necessity of each and every individual and do their day to day work we all are depend on the Internet.  If not for day to day work, we use internet to access social media sites so that we can interact with our friends.

So internet is also another tool through which you can earn while IPL event. You can create your own website or blog through which you can provide useful and important information related to IPL because today every one search on internet to find any new related to anything.

So once you would create your website or blog that you can attract lots of traffic on your page and website and can earn money out of it.

3) Installing Food Stall Outside The Stadium:

During the IPL matches every stadium would be full packed and to enter the stadium will will gather outside the venue way hours before the match. When the people go stadium to watch the match they usually don't bring anything to eat which watching the match but while standing in long queue they get tired and in almost most of the eating stall outside the venue the price of every item is usually very high so most of the people opt not to buy it.

In this, if you have any expertise to cook something special which every one would love, you can setup your own food stall out side the venue and you can also fix price low as compare to the other food stall. By doing this you can attract large number of people and you will get famous and people will expect you on other match day.

So you don't need to care about to brought people into your stall from the next time.

So these are some tips and ideas through which you can earn money through IPL 2017.


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